Grandma’s Boys is a pop-punk band from Heilbronn (Germany).
The band gave their debut in September 2019 with their single ‘Fortune Favors Fools’.
From that day Grandma’s Boys are continuously releasing music and building up a fanbase.

The band is the further development of a hardcore band called ‘38North’ which was formed in back in 2011.
After 6+ years with many shows and 2 EP releases the hardcore chapter came to an end at some point and the new pop-punk journey began – Grandma’s Boys was born.

Sven joined the band as their new lead singer in 2017 and thus completed their transformation towards pop-punk.
In late 2018 they came across Dennis and managed to recruit him as their new guitarist.
As the owner of the music studio Pandarian Empire Recordings he is also in charge of the music production and thereby enables the band to release their songs continually. In November 2020, bassist Tobias officially became a member of the band. In October 2021 Flo left the band as an active member, what makes Tim the only ’survivor’ of the old hardcore formation. In early 2022 Joshy joined the band as a guitarist.

Describing their sound is like building a cake. Take a whole cup of punk, add some rage and anger, put everything for years into a dark muddy basement and once a week peek a newspaper into the dough. Afterwards mix it with some nice fluffy pop elements and sprinkle it with love and passion.

Band Members:

Svenlead vocals
Dennis Jayguitars/backing vocals


2019-08-16Fortune Favors Fools
2020-01-09Beast of Prey
2020-05-01Out Of Shape
2020-09-18Growing Needs and Dying Lights
2021-05-07Burning Boulevard
2022-07-29Red Carpet
2023-01-13Following Your Sleep